swMATH ID: 23630
Software Authors: Rose, K.H.; IBM
Description: CRSX - combinatory reduction systems with extensions. Combinatory Reduction Systems with Extensions (CRSX) is a system available from url{http://crsx.sourceforge.net} and characterized by the following properties: - Higher-order rewriting engine based on pure Combinatory Reduction Systems with full strong reduction (but no specified reduction strategy). - Rule and term syntax based on lambda-calculus and term rewriting conventions including Unicode support. - Strict checking and declaration requirements to avoid idiosyncratic errors in rewrite rules. - Interpreter is implemented in Java 5 and usable stand-alone as well as from an Eclipse plugin (under development). - Includes a custom parser generator (front-end to JavaCC parser generator) designed to ease parsing directly into higher-order abstract syntax (as well as permitting the use of custom syntax in rules files). - Experimental (and evolving) sort system to help rule management. - Compiler from (well-sorted deterministic subset of) CRSX to stand-alone C code.
Homepage: http://crsx.sourceforge.net
Related Software: Automath; Nominal Isabelle; PoplMark; Abella; Twelf; XQuery; Isabelle/HOL; Isabelle
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CRSX -- combinatory reduction systems with extensions
Rose, Kristoffer H.

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