swMATH ID: 23669
Software Authors: BioMedware; Anselin L
Description: SpaceStat software, first released in 1991, is the international standard for spatial econometric modeling. Until SpaceStat, there was no comprehensive software package that covered a reasonable range of techniques in spatial statistics, geostatistics and spatial econometrics. Time is an integral part of SpaceStat. All views of the data can be animated, from maps to histograms to scatter plots, and all analytics are accomplished through time. All views of the data, including animations and statistical results, can be linked together to enable data discovery and reveal new insights. SpaceStat provides an extensive suite of spatiotemporal and statistical tools including: exploratory spatial data analysis; spatial econometric analyses; and the creation of spatial weights sets and variogram models. Use SpaceStat by itself or alongside Esri’s ArcGIS to substantially extend your GIS analysis capabilities.
Homepage: http://www.biomedware.com/?module=Page&sID=spacestat
Related Software: Pysal; R; spatial; splm; sphet; spdep; ArcView; Python; NumPy; McSpatial; SciPy; ArcGIS; CLIPS; ArcGIS Desktop; Spatial Statistics; symrcm; spse; spsur; Systemfit; spatialreg
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