swMATH ID: 2377
Software Authors: Blaum, Mario; Brady, Jim; Bruck, Jehoshua; Menon, Jai
Description: EVENODD: An efficient scheme for tolerating double disk failures in RAID architectures. We present a novel method, that we call EVENODD, for tolerating up to two disk failures in RAID architectures. EVENODD employs the addition of only two redundant disks and consists of simple exclusive-OR computations. This redundant storage is optimal, in the sense that two failed disks cannot be retrieved with less than two redundant disks. A major advantage of EVENODD is that it only requires parity hardware, which is typically present in standard RAID-5 controllers. Hence, EVENODD can be implemented on standard RAID-5 controllers without any hardware changes. The most commonly used scheme that employes optimal redundant storage (i.e., two extra disks) is based on Reed–Solomon (RS) error-correcting codes. This scheme requires computation over finite fields and results in a more complex implementation. For example, we show that the complexity of implementing EVENODD in a disk array with 15 disks is about 50
Homepage: http://paradise.caltech.edu/RAIN/evenodd.html
Keywords: RAID
Related Software: Jerasure; Hadoop; Dynamo; BLAS; PHiPAC; mctoolbox; FFTW; LAPACK; ATLAS
Cited in: 22 Documents

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