swMATH ID: 2382
Software Authors: Klein, Robert; Scholl, Armin
Description: PROGRESS: Optimally solving the generalized resource-constrained project scheduling problem. This paper deals with the generalized resource-constrained project scheduling problem (GRCPSP) which extends the well-known resource-constrained project scheduling problem (RCPSP) by considering job specific release and due dates, non-negative minimum start-to-start time lags as well as time-varying resource availabilities. The structure of the project is represented by an acyclic network diagram. Though the extensions are of high practical importance, only a few exact solution procedures have been presented in the literature so far. Therefore, a new exact procedure PROGRESS is developed which includes new dominance rules as well as enhancements of existing ones. For evaluating the efficiency experimentally, new GRCPSP instances with 30 and 60 jobs are considered which extend the standard benchmark sets for the RCPSP generated by ProGen. PROGRESS shows superior performance when applied to the GRCPSP and is also very competitive in comparison to approaches proposed for the RCPSP.
Homepage: http://www.springerlink.com/content/kh3df2vtrhqfpflk/fulltext.pdf
Keywords: resource-constrained project scheduling; branch and bound
Related Software: PSPLIB; LSSPER; npuScheduler; gprecedencemm; cumulativemm; RanGen; MPSPLib; DAGEN; GATE; Bison; Tabu search
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