swMATH ID: 23843
Software Authors: Klingner BM, Shewchuk JR.
Description: Stellar: A tetrahedral mesh improvement program. Stellar improves tetrahedral meshes so that their worst tetrahedra have high quality, making them more suitable for finite element analysis. Stellar employs a broad selection of improvement operations, including vertex smoothing by nonsmooth optimization, stellar flips and other topological transformations, vertex insertion, and edge contraction. If the domain shape has no small angles, Stellar routinely improves meshes so that the smallest dihedral angle is larger than 30 degrees and the largest dihedral angle is smaller than 140 degrees. Features include a choice of several quality measures (both as objective functions and for mesh statistics), control of tetrahedron sizes, and transformations that improve the boundary of the mesh. The last give you a choice between flat surfaces (in which vertices are constrained to lie, so the surface is improved without changing the domain shape) and curved surfaces (where we optionally permit small changes of the domain shape if they give big wins in mesh quality)
Homepage: https://people.eecs.berkeley.edu/%7Ejrs/stellar/
Related Software: JMorph; Triangle; GOCAD; RINGMesh; ParaView; TetGen; LaGriT; CGAL; FacetModeller
Cited in: 0 Publications