swMATH ID: 23882
Software Authors: Cuomo, Gabriel Francisco; Karateev, Denis; Kravchuk, Petr
Description: General bootstrap equations in 4D CFTs. We provide a framework for generic 4D conformal bootstrap computations. It is based on the unification of two independent approaches, the covariant (embedding) formalism and the non-covariant (conformal frame) formalism. We construct their main ingredients (tensor structures and differential operators) and establish a precise connection between them. We supplement the discussion by additional details like classification of tensor structures of \(n\)-point functions, normalization of 2-point functions and seed conformal blocks, Casimir differential operators and treatment of conserved operators and permutation symmetries. Finally, we implement our framework in a Mathematica package and make it freely available.
Homepage: https://gitlab.com/bootstrapcollaboration/CFTs4D#cfts4d
Dependencies: Mathematica
Keywords: conformal field theory; nonperturbative effects
Related Software: SDPB; JuliBootS; PyCFTBoot; Mathematica; Lauricella Functions; DLMF; GAMMA
Referenced in: 32 Publications

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