swMATH ID: 2396
Software Authors: Engelborghs, K.; Luzyanina, T.; Roose, D.
Description: DDE-BIFTOOL is a Matlab package for numerical bifurcation and stability analysis of delay differential equations with several fixed discrete and/or state-dependent delays. It allows the computation, continuation and stability analysis of steady state solutions, their Hopf and fold bifurcations, periodic solutions and connecting orbits (but the latter only for the constant delay case). Stability analysis of steady state solutions is achieved through computing approximations and corrections to the rightmost characteristic roots. Periodic solutions, their Floquet multipliers and connecting orbits are computed using piecewise polynomial collocation on adaptively refined meshes.
Homepage: http://twr.cs.kuleuven.be/research/software/delay/ddebiftool.shtml
Dependencies: Matlab
Keywords: DDE-BIFTOOL; Matlab package; periodic solutions; stability; Hopf bifurcations; delay differential equations; numerical bifurcation analysis
Related Software: Matlab; AUTO; MATCONT; PDDE-CONT; Knut; XPPAUT; TRACE-DDE; dde23; GradSamp; HIFOO; COCO; HomCont; AUTO-07P; Maple; ARPACK; RADAR5; GitHub; PyDSTool; pde2path; LOCA
Cited in: 356 Documents
Further Publications: http://twr.cs.kuleuven.be/research/software/delay/delay_methods_publications.shtml
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