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Software Authors: Pfahl, Dietmar; Angkasaputra, Niniek; Differding, Christiane; Ruhe, Günther
Description: CORONET-Train: A methodology for web-based collaborative learning in software organisations. Skills, knowledge, and motivation of the software engineering workforce are essential prerequisites for maturing software development. But lack of human resources has become an obstacle for growth of the software industry. The CORONET approach aims at relieving the difficult situation by facilitating an innovative methodology and tool support for web-based collaborative learning at the workplace. This paper describes the most important features of the learning methodology CORONET-Train. An empirical evaluation of learning effectiveness in industrial environments has been planned. Results will soon be available.
Homepage: http://www.springerlink.com/content/grqjwkfwk7yfean7/fulltext.pdf
Keywords: Collaborative Learning; Software Engineering; Competence Development; Web-Based Training; Work-Based Learning; Learning Network
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