swMATH ID: 2401
Software Authors: Ocio Barriales, Sergio; del Puerto Paule Ruiz, María; González Rodríguez, Martín; Pérez Pérez, Juan Ramón; Tuñón Fernández, David
Description: In this paper, we propose to include adaptation, in particular to the laearning styles, to traditional e-learning systems in order to get a new application which adapts its contents to the user instead of being the user who adapts his habits to what the system requires. We also present the Intuitive-use Oriented Webtool for the creation of Adapted contents (in an e-learning environment), a.k.a. IOWA, an application which allows teachers to create adapted contents which will be showed later to students depending on the style they belong to.
Homepage: http://www.springerlink.com/content/35ner5b74ljl56wd/fulltext.pdf
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