swMATH ID: 2402
Software Authors: Mérida, David; Fabregat, Ramón; Arteaga, Carlos; Urra, Anna
Description: X-SHAAD: An XML implementation for hypermedia systems modeling through SHAAD. In this paper we present an implementation using XML and Java (X-SHAAD) based on a modular architecture of SHAAD to support a web-based Adaptive Hypermedia System. This architecture considers the hypermedia adaptation along three different “adaptivity dimensions”: user characteristics, technology (the network and the user’s terminal), and user interaction. At present, web content delivery from server to clients is carried out without taking into account such heterogeneous and diverse characteristics as user preferences, the different capacities of the clients’ devices, the different types of access, the state of the network and the current load on the server, all of which directly affect the behavior of web services. The growing use of multimedia objects in the design of web contents further complicates the issue, greatly affecting appropriate contents delivery. Thus, the objective of the system we present here is a treatment of web pages that takes into account such heterogeneity and adapts content with the aim of improving web performance.
Homepage: http://www.springerlink.com/content/fwk66yw0t714576g/fulltext.pdf
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