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Software Authors: Al-Mourad, M. B.; Gray, W. A.; Fiddian, N. J.
Description: MVMBS: A multiple views supporting multiple behaviours system for interoperable object-oriented database systems. This paper addresses the problem of integrating object-oriented local database schemas by creating several tailored global views using multiple structures and behaviours which fully match user requirements. Different users have different needs for integrating databases, and even the same user might want to integrate the same data in a variety of ways and/or include different behaviours to satisfy different tasks in an organisation. Supporting the global views with multiple behaviour, when possible saves effort, cost and time where the investment made in developing them can be exploited again by the original owner of these behaviours and also by new users in the interoperation context. We describe the theoretical framework we are using in the construction of the (MVMBS) Multiple Views supporting Multiple Behaviours System. MVMBS offers the potential for users to work in terms of integrated and customised global views supported by multiple behaviours.
Homepage: http://www.springerlink.com/content/rkbmwvn3erae7pb4/fulltext.pdf
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