swMATH ID: 2414
Software Authors: Mota, Cristina; Moura, Pedro
Description: ANELL: A web system for Portuguese corpora annotation. In this paper, we briefly describe a system for annotating corpora via web which offers two operating modes: a full automatic mode and a supervised mode. The linguistic analysis of the corpora is performed by the INTEX system using the LabEL linguistic resources. The motivation, the architecture and some examples of its behavior are presented, with special emphasis on the several output formats it allows.
Homepage: http://www.springerlink.com/content/be91fa0y8xqebw43/fulltext.pdf
Related Software: INTEX
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ANELL: A web system for Portuguese corpora annotation. Zbl 1038.68801
Mota, Cristina; Moura, Pedro

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