swMATH ID: 2418
Software Authors: Larabi, Slimane; Bouagar, Saliha; Trespaderne, Felix M.; Lopez de la Fuente, Eusebio
Description: LWDOS: Language for writing descriptors of outline shapes. A new method to obtain a rough description of a 3-D object from its outline shape is presented in this paper. Firstly the outline shape is split up into parts that are related in a connectivity graph. The boundary features of every part (lines, curves) and the information about its junction with other parts are extracted in order to provide a semantic content to the outline shape graph. A specific language to describe this graph has been developed. Finally, some results obtained applying our approach over real images are presented and discussed.
Homepage: http://www.springerlink.com/content/j64j5xnm8w6r8ce8/fulltext.pdf
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