swMATH ID: 24190
Software Authors: D. Dupuy; C. Helbert
Description: R package DiceEval: Construction and Evaluation of Metamodels. Estimation, validation and prediction of models of different types : linear models, additive models, MARS,PolyMARS and Kriging.
Homepage: https://cran.r-project.org/web/packages/DiceEval/index.html
Dependencies: R
Related Software: DiceDesign; DiceKriging; DiceOptim; R; tgp; lhs; rgenoud; KrigInv; kergp; MORET; EGO; Python; CRAN Task Views; GPfit; GPareto; DACE; sensitivity; BACCO; profExtrema; lineqGPR
Referenced in: 12 Publications

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