swMATH ID: 24207
Software Authors: Velichkov, V.
Description: YAARX: Yet another toolkit for the analysis of ARX cryptographic algorithms. YAARX is a set of programs for the differential analysis of ARX cryptographic algorithms. The latter represent a broad class of symmetric-key algorithms designed by combining a small set of simple operations such as modular addition, bit rotation, bit shift and XOR. The more notable representatives of the ARX class of algorithms are the block ciphers FEAL, RC5, TEA and XTEA, the stream cipher Salsal20, the hash functions MD4, MD5, Skein and BLAKE as well as the recently proposed hash function for short messages SipHash.
Homepage: https://github.com/vesselinux/yaarx
Source Code:  https://github.com/vesselinux/yaarx
Related Software: SIMON; SIMECK; ARXtools
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