swMATH ID: 24314
Software Authors: Cohen, T.; Gil, J.Y.; Maman, I
Description: JTL - the Java Tools Language. We present an overview of JTL (the Java Tools Language, pronounced “Gee-tel”), a novel language for querying JAVA [8] programs. JTL was designed to serve the development of source code software tools for JAVA, and as a small language to aid programming language extensions to JAVA. Applications include definition of pointcuts for aspect-oriented programming, fixing type constraints for generic programming, specification of encapsulation policies, definition of micro-patterns, etc. We argue that the JTL expression of each of these is systematic, concise, intuitive and general
Homepage: http://tal.forum2.org/static/cv/JTL.pdf
Related Software: AspectJ; CodeQuest; Soot
Cited in: 0 Publications