swMATH ID: 24371
Software Authors: Lakshmanan LVS, Sadri F, Subramanian IN
Description: SchemaSQL: An extension to SQL for multidatabase interoperability. We provide a principled extension of SQL, called SchemaSQL, that offers the capability of uniform manipulation of data and schema in relational multidatabase systems. We develop a precise syntax and semantics of SchemaSQL in a manner that extends traditional SQL syntax and semantics, and demonstrate the following. (1) SchemaSQL retains the flavor of SQL while supporting querying of both data and schema. (2) It can be used to transform data in a database in a structure substantially different from original database, in which data and schema may be interchanged. (3) It also permits the creation of views whose schema is dynamically dependent on the contents of the input instance. (4) While aggregation in SQL is restricted to values occurring in one column at a time, SchemaSQL permits ”horizontal” aggregation and even aggregation over more general ”blocks” of information. (5) SchemaSQL provides a useful facility for interoperability and data/schema manipulation in relational multidatabase systems. We provide many examples to illustrate our claims. We clearly spell out the formal semantics of SchemaSQL that accounts for all these features. We describe an architecture for the implementation of SchemaSQL and develop implementation algorithms based on available database technology that allows for powerful integration of SQL based relational DBMS. We also discuss the applicability of SchemaSQL for handling semantic heterogeneity arising in a multidatabase system.
Homepage: https://dl.acm.org/citation.cfm?id=503102
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