swMATH ID: 24408
Software Authors: Walter Schill; Dirk Enders; Karsten Drescher
Description: A SAS Package for Logistic Two-Phase Studies. Two-phase designs, in which for a large study a dichotomous outcome and partial or proxy information on risk factors is available, whereas precise or complete measurements on covariates have been obtained only in a stratified sub-sample, extend the standard case-control design and have been proven useful in practice. The application of two-phase designs, however, seems to be hampered by the lack of appropriate, easy-to-use software. This paper introduces sas-twophase-package, a collection of SAS-macros, to fulfill this task. sas-twophase-package implements weighted likelihood, pseudo likelihood and semiparametric maximum likelihood estimation via the EM algorithm and via profile likelihood in two-phase settings with dichotomous outcome and a given stratification.
Homepage: https://www.jstatsoft.org/v057/i09
Dependencies: SAS
Keywords: case-control study; two-phase; weighted likelihood; pseudo likelihood; maximum likelihood; profile likelihood; EM algorithm; SAS; SAS macro; Journal of Statistical Software
Related Software: SAS/IML; SAS/STAT; osDesign; SAS
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