swMATH ID: 2444
Software Authors: Villaverde, K.; Pontelli, E.; Guo, H.; Gupta, G.
Description: This paper describes the development of the PALS system, an implementation of Prolog that efficiently exploits or-parallelism on share-nothing platforms. PALS makes use of a novel technique, called incremental stack-splitting. The technique builds on the stack-splitting approach, which in turn is an evolution of the stack-copying method used in a variety of parallel logic systems. This is the first distributed implementation based on the stack-splitting method ever realized. Experimental results obtained on a Beowulf system are presented and analyzed.
Homepage: http://www.springerlink.com/content/ey6qlw8pw6wrlv3h/fulltext.pdf
Related Software: YapOr; YAP-Prolog; pCMALib; MOCell; CEC 05; DREAM; PMF; OpenCL; ECJ; EASEA; OPT4J; HeuristicLab; JDeal; MOEA/D; MPI; dgpf; OR-Library; CUDA; ParaDisEO; PERL
Cited in: 9 Publications

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