swMATH ID: 2446
Software Authors: Fernández, C.; Torres, F.; Puente, S.T.
Description: SASEPA: Simultaneous allocation and scheduling with exclusion and precedence relations algorithm. An algorithm for allocating and scheduling tasks in multiprocessor environments is presented. Its main characteristic is its orientation towards machine vision applications. In this sense it deals with the peculiarities of systems which combine generic-type processors with Image Acquisition and Processing Boards. The main goal of the algorithm is total processing time reduction; such are the requirements when we deal with automated industrial inspection applications. By simultaneously tackling the phases of allocation and scheduling, the results obtained are better than those offered by traditional algorithms. The system is applied to a process of citrus fruit inspection, and its performances are also evaluated over randomly generated task graphs.
Homepage: http://www.springerlink.com/content/kpf71v58c61rl5t1/fulltext.pdf
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