swMATH ID: 24477
Software Authors: Lauren McCarthy
Description: p5.js is a JavaScript library that starts with the original goal of Processing—to make coding accessible for artists, designers, educators, and beginners—and reinterprets this for today’s web. Using the original metaphor of a software sketchbook, p5.js has a full set of drawing functionality. However, you’re not limited to your drawing canvas, you can think of your whole browser page as your sketch! For this, p5.js has addon libraries that make it easy to interact with other HTML5 objects, including text, input, video, webcam, and sound. p5.js is a new interpretation, not an emulation or port, and it is in active development. You can also read how this differs from processing.js, or about how this relates to Processing.
Homepage: https://p5js.org/
Source Code:  https://github.com/processing/p5.js/wiki/p5.js-overview
Dependencies: JavaScript
Keywords: supersymmetry phenomenology
Related Software: JavaScript; GeoGebra; Python; NMHDECAY; FlexibleSUSY; NMSSMCALC; HiggsSignals; Spheno; SARAH; HiggsBounds; NMGMSB; NMSSMTools; SOFTSUSY; GWT; libQGLViewer; Nest; Proscene
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A new tool for the study of the CP-violating NMSSM. Zbl 1388.81972
Domingo, Florian

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