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Software Authors: Marir, F.; Ouazzane, K.; Zerzour, K.
Description: OSCONVR: An interactive virtual reality interface to an object-oriented database system for construction architectural design. The paper presents the OSCONVR system, which is an interactive interface to an Object database for construction architecture design. The OSCONVR system is part of the OSCON (Open Systems for Construction) funded project. The aim of the OSCONVR system is to explore the potentials of using virtual reality as an interface for an integrated project database using the World Wide Web. It describes the steps taken to link the OSCON integrated database to a VRML environment. Virtual Reality has often been looked at as a visualisation tool. This paper puts the argument that VR should be used as the user interface. For instance, the user should interact with a 3D column in VR rather than a column in traditional database environment. This will allow the construction practitioners better access to information, which will motivate them to use integrated databases. In addition, VR should be used as a vehicle for classifying information. The user should be able to look at the design, costing, time planning, and facilities management views according to his/her requirements. This may prove helpful in projecting information from a project integrated database.
Homepage: http://www.springerlink.com/content/u6r4u7l50y2w8f4c/fulltext.pdf
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