swMATH ID: 24532
Software Authors: Wang, J.; Yang, B.; Revote, J.; Leier, A.; Marquez-Lago, T.T.; Web.; Lithgow, T.
Description: POSSUM: a bioinformatics toolkit for generating numerical sequence feature descriptors based on PSSM profiles. Evolutionary information in the form of a Position-Specific Scoring Matrix (PSSM) is a widely used and highly informative representation of protein sequences. Accordingly, PSSM-based feature descriptors have been successfully applied to improve the performance of various predictors of protein attributes. Even though a number of algorithms have been proposed in previous studies, there is currently no universal web server or toolkit available for generating this wide variety of descriptors. Here, we present POSSUM ( Po sition- S pecific S coring matrix-based feat u re generator for m achine learning), a versatile toolkit with an online web server that can generate 21 types of PSSM-based feature descriptors, thereby addressing a crucial need for bioinformaticians and computational biologists. We envisage that this comprehensive toolkit will be widely used as a powerful tool to facilitate feature extraction, selection, and benchmarking of machine learning-based models, thereby contributing to a more effective analysis and modeling pipeline for bioinformatics research. Availability and implementation: http://possum.erc.monash.edu/ .
Homepage: http://possum.erc.monash.edu/help.jsp
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