swMATH ID: 24556
Software Authors: Jens Hainmueller; Yiqing Xu
Description: ebalance: A Stata Package for Entropy Balancing. The Stata package ebalance implements entropy balancing, a multivariate reweighting method described in Hainmueller (2012 ) that allows users to reweight a dataset such that the covariate distributions in the reweighted data satisfy a set of specified moment conditions. This can be useful to create balanced samples in observational studies with a binary treatment where the control group data can be reweighted to match the covariate moments in the treatment group. Entropy balancing can also be used to reweight a survey sample to known characteristics from a target population.
Homepage: https://www.jstatsoft.org/v054/i07
Dependencies: Stata
Keywords: causal inference; reweighting; matching; Stata; Stata package; ebalance; Entropy Balancing; Journal of Statistical Software
Related Software: R; PSMATCH2; cem; Stata; ebal
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