swMATH ID: 2456
Software Authors: Bergenti, Federico; Poggi, Agostino
Description: LEAP (Lightweight Extensible Agent Platform (IST-1999-10211)) is a development and run-time environment for Intelligent Agents, is the precursor of the second generation of FIPA compliant platforms. It represents a major technical challenge - it aims to become the first integrated agent development environment capable of generating agent applications in the ZEUS environment and executing them on run-time environments derived from JADE, implemented over a large family of devices (computers, PDA and mobile phones…) and communication mechanisms (TCP/IP, WAP…). In this way LEAP benefits from the advanced design-time features of Zeus and the lightweight and extensible properties of JADE.
Homepage: http://rd.springer.com/chapter/10.1007%2F3-540-45448-9_33
Programming Languages: Java
Operating Systems: multi-platform
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Related Software: NoDoSE; XPath; XMLTK; LIME; KLAIM; Jess; Tycoon; KSACI; JATLite
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