swMATH ID: 24596
Software Authors: Schwager C, Wirkner U, Abdollahi A, Huber P
Description: TableButler - A Windows Based Tool for Processing Large Data Tables Generated with High-Throughput Methods. TableButler is a monolithic Windows application. It is implemented to handle, join and preprocess large tab delimited ASCII data files. The intuitive user interface enables scientists (e.g. biologists, clinicians or others) to setup workflows for their specific problems by simple drag-and drop like operations.
Homepage: http://angiogenesis.dkfz.de/oncoexpress/software/tablebutler/
Related Software: Bioconductor; R; Rcmdr; ANTLR; rJava; RKWard; JGR; speedR; TM4
Cited in: 0 Publications