swMATH ID: 2462
Software Authors: Song, Byunghun; Chung, Kwangsue; Shin, Yongtae
Description: SRTP: TCP-friendly congestion control for multimedia streaming. Multimedia streaming applications are becoming increasingly popular on the Internet. Most of these applications do not share the available bandwidth fairly with applications built on TCP, such as web browsers, FTP- or email-clients. The Internet community strongly fears UDP-based multimedia applications, because the UDP traffic could lead to a congestion collapse and starvation of TCP traffic. For this reason, TCP-friendly protocols are being developed that behave fairly with respect to co-existent TCP flows. In this paper, we propose a new TCP-friendly protocol, called Smart RTP(SRTP), for multimedia streaming. Our proposed protocol has two salient features. One is TCP-friendliness and the other is rate smoothness. As a result, the end-to-end quality of service (QoS) is improved. The evaluation results demonstrate the effectiveness of our proposed schemes
Homepage: http://www.springerlink.com/content/dfctq9rgl8g907dv/fulltext.pdf
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