swMATH ID: 24635
Software Authors: Brown, Christopher
Description: R package mapReduce: mapReduce - flexible mapReduce algorithm for parallel computation. mapReduce is an algorithm provides a simple framework for parallel computations. This implementation provides (a) a pure R implementation (b) a syntax following the mapReduce paper and (c) flexible and parallelizable back end.
Homepage: http://www2.uaem.mx/r-mirror/web/packages/mapReduce/index.html
Source Code:  https://github.com/cran/mapReduce
Dependencies: R
Related Software: Hadoop; R; lme4; CRAN; PROC_R; rpy2; sqldf; nlme; JGR; Tinn-R; quantreg; MatrixModels; ColByCol; RgoogleMaps; RStudio; plyr; RODBC; foreign; VGAM; rpartOrdinal
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1 Charpentier, Arthur

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