swMATH ID: 24642
Software Authors: Zamora J, Abraira V, Muriel A, Khan K, Coomarasamy A
Description: Meta-DiSc is freeware software to perform Meta-analysis of studies of evaluations of Diagnostic and Screening tests. Click here to download a document (PDF) with a description of Statistical Methods implemented. Meta-DiSc is licenced as freeware and is offered as is. Authors accept no responsibility for any failures that it could occur in the computers where it is installed
Homepage: http://www.hrc.es/investigacion/metadisc_en.htm
Related Software: R; Rcmdr; PyQt; meta; CMA; MIX; MetaEasy; rmeta; RPy; Metawin; metafor; OpenMeta-Analyst
Cited in: 0 Publications