Serial SimCoal

swMATH ID: 24734
Software Authors: Anderson, C. N. K., Ramakrishnan, U., Chan, Y. L., Hadly, E. A.
Description: Serial SimCoal: A population genetics model for data from multiple populations and points in time. We present Serial SimCoal, a program that models population genetic data from multiple time points, as with ancient DNA data. An extension of SIMCOAL, it also allows simultaneous modeling of complex demographic histories, and migration between multiple populations. Further, we incorporate a statistical package to calculate relevant summary statistics, which, for the first time allows users to investigate the statistical power provided by, conduct hypothesis-testing with, and explore sample size limitations of ancient DNA data. AVAILABILITY: Source code and Windows/Mac executables at http://www.stanford.edu/group/hadlylab/ssc.html
Homepage: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/15564305
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