swMATH ID: 24735
Software Authors: Hickerson, M. J., Stahl, E., Takebayashi, N.
Description: msBayes: Pipeline for testing comparative phylogeographic histories using hierarchical Approximate Bayesian Computation. Results: msBayes employs approximate Bayesian computation (ABC) under a hierarchical coalescent model to test for simultaneous divergence (TSD) in multiple co-distributed population-pairs. Simultaneous isolation is tested by estimating three hyper-parameters that characterize the degree of variability in divergence times across co-distributed population pairs while allowing for variation in various within population-pair demographic parameters (sub-parameters) that can affect the coalescent. msBayes is a software package consisting of several C and R programs that are run with a Perl ”front-end”.
Homepage: http://msbayes.sourceforge.net
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