swMATH ID: 2480
Software Authors: Ivan Zelinka; Jouni Lampinen
Description: SOMA, and generally speaking any evolutionary algorithm, can be used in regards to any optimization problem. Surprisingly, many problems can be defined as optimization problems, e.g. the optimal trajectory of robot arms; the optimal thickness of steel in pressure vessels; the optimal set of parameters for controllers; optimal relations or fuzzy sets in fuzzy models; and so on. Solutions to such problems are usually more or less hard to arrive at, their parameters usually including variables of different types, such as real or integer variables. Evolutionary algorithms are quite popular because they allow the solution of almost any problem in a simplified manner, because they are able to handle optimizing tasks with mixed variables - including the appropriate constraints, as and when required
Homepage: http://www.ft.utb.cz/people/zelinka/soma/
Keywords: optimization; global extreme; population; evolution; memetic algorithm; self-organizing migrating algorithm; artificial intelligence; nonlinear programming
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SOMA – self-organizing migrating algorithm. Zbl 1051.65071
Zelinka, Ivan; Lampinen, Jouni; Nolle, Lars

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