swMATH ID: 24962
Software Authors: R. Luppes; B. Düz; H.J.L. Van Der Heiden; P. Van Der Plas; A.E.P. Veldman
Description: Numerical simulations of two-phase flow with COMFLOW: Past and recent developments. The CFD simulation tool COMFLOW is developed for the simulation of sloshing liquids and two-phase flow in e.g. offshore applications. COMFLOW solves the Navier-Stokes equations in both water and air, with second order accuracy in both space and time. The water surface is advected by means of a modified VOF method, with improved accuracy through a local-height-function (LHF) approach. Numerical reflections are prevented by specially designed absorbing boundary conditions (ABC). Gravity-consistent density averaging for twophase flow prevents spurious velocities near the free surface. Several aspects in the numerical model in COMFLOW need further extension and improvement. In present research, the focus lies on accurate wave propagation and the effect of viscosity in shear layers (model small-scale flow details). The numerical efficiency is improved by speed-up through local-grid-refinement techniques and parallelisation. Other scientific items that receive attention are multi-dimensional non-reflecting boundary conditions and accurate turbulence modelling on coarse grids with regularisation models.
Numerical simulations of two-phase flow with COMFLOW: Past and recent developments | Request PDF. Available from: https://www.researchgate.net/publication/287468980_Numerical_simulations_of_two-phase_flow_with_COMFLOW_Past_and_recent_developments [accessed Jul 02 2018].
Homepage: http://www.math.rug.nl/~veldman/comflow/comflow.html
Related Software: OpenFOAM
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