swMATH ID: 25065
Software Authors: Chen, Hung-Ming; Lin, Yu-Chin
Description: Web-FEM: An internet-based finite-element analysis framework with 3D graphics and parallel computing environment. This paper presents an Internet-based finite-element analysis framework, named Web-FEM, which allows users to access finite-element analysis service from remote sites over the Internet by using an Internet-connected machine only. The implementation utilizes modern computer graphics, parallel processing, and information technology to provide features such as platform-independence, 3D graphical interface, system performance, multiple-user management, and fault tolerance in comparison with other Internet-based analytical systems. These features make its usage like using a traditional finite-element package installed and run on a local machine, and its performance like using a high performance computing facility. The object model design and the implementation of this system are presented in detail.
Homepage: https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0965997806002316
Related Software: MANIP; WebDFEA; OpenGL
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1 Weng, Wei-Chu

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