swMATH ID: 25109
Software Authors: Avvisati F, Keslair F
Description: REPEST: Stata Module to Run Estimations with Weighted Replicate Samples and Plausible Values. repest estimates statistics using replicate weights (balanced repeated replication or brr weights, jackknife replicate weights,...), thus accounting for complex survey designs in the estimation of sampling variances. It is specially designed to be used with the PISA, PIAAC and TALIS datasets produced by the OECD. It also allows for analyses with multiply imputed variables (plausible values); where plausible values are used, the average estimator across plausible values is reported and the imputation error is added to the variance estimator.
Homepage: https://ideas.repec.org/c/boc/bocode/s457918.html
Dependencies: Stata
Related Software: Stata; PV; ggplot2; DAKS; SAS; lavaan.survey; Mplus; SPSS; BIFIEsurvey; intsvy; R; piaactools
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