swMATH ID: 25130
Software Authors: C. T. Jacobs, S. P. Jammy, N. D. Sandham
Description: OpenSBLI is a Python-based modelling framework that is capable of expanding a set of differential equations written in Einstein notation, and automatically generating C code that performs the finite difference approximation to obtain a solution. This C code is then targetted with the OPS library towards specific hardware backends, such as MPI/OpenMP for execution on CPUs, and CUDA/OpenCL for execution on GPUs. The main focus of OpenSBLI is on the solution of the compressible Navier-Stokes equations with application to shock-boundary layer interactions (SBLI). However, in principle, any set of equations that can be written in Einstein notation may be solved.
Homepage: https://opensbli.github.io/
Dependencies: Python
Related Software: Halide; HTR solver; HE-E1GODF; YASK; CGen; PDEL; Simflowny; Devito; PyFR; Loo.py; PDEQSOL; Madagascar; OpenFOAM; CTADEL; SymPy; ALPAL; SYCL; HPX; Volna-OP2; Accelerate
Referenced in: 7 Publications

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