swMATH ID: 25135
Software Authors: Medeiros, Bruno; Sobral, João
Description: AspectGrid: aspect-oriented fault-tolerance in grid platforms. Migrating traditional scientific applications to computational Grids requires programming tools that can help programmers update application behaviour to this kind of platforms. Computational Grids are particularly suited for long running scientific applications, but they are also more prone to faults than desk-top machines. The AspectGrid framework aims to develop methodologies and tools that can help Grid-enable scientific applications, particularly focusing on techniques based on aspect-oriented programming. In this paper, we present the aspect-oriented approach taken in the AspectGrid framework to address faults in computational Grids. In the proposed approach, scientific applications are enhanced with fault-tolerance capability by plugging additional modules. The proposed technique is portable across operating systems and minimises the changes required to base applications.
Homepage: http://www.cai.sk/ojs/index.php/cai/article/view/889/421
Keywords: application level checkpointing; aspect oriented programing; Aspect-Grid framework
Cited in: 0 Publications