swMATH ID: 25161
Software Authors: Temple Lang D
Description: R package REventLoop. This is an experiment to see how we can handle readline with the Gtk event loop. We will do the same with Tcl/Tk event loop. With this, we hope to be able to replace the R event loop with either of these and handle the same events that R does and more. We setup a handler for readline on stdin. We also create a simple GUI to provide buttons for establishing idle and timeout events. In this way we check all the different event sources, including of course the GUI events.
Homepage: https://github.com/omegahat/REventLoop
Dependencies: R
Related Software: R; GStreamer; gWidgets; tkrplot; GAPI; SJava; XML; JMP; SimpleR; qtbase; JGR; tcltk2; Xfce; PyGtk; RGtk2; rattle; pmg; rJava; WebKit; Cairo; RwxWidgets
Referenced in: 0 Publications