swMATH ID: 25163
Software Authors: Temple Lang D
Description: RSPython: R/SPlus - Python Interface. Currently, this interfaces allows: Python code to call R functions, and R code to create Python objects and call Python functions and methods. This allows Python programmers unfamiliar with the syntax of R to easily use its functionality and vice versa. It also allows data to be manipulated using Pythons tools and then passed to R’s rich graphical and statistical tools. It boasts a very rich and general, yet easy to use mechanism for transferring objects from R to Python and vice versa. It uses the concept of a foreign reference or a pointer to avoid transferring data and performing conversions that don’t make sense. Additionally, it allows users of each language to register functions written in that language to perform the conversion of objects in the other language. See Conversion Examples for more information. (The code for using R functions to perform the conversion will be in the next release.) Additionally it provides reflectance information to allow users to discover information about the modules/packages, functions and methods offered by the other system. This allows one to automate certain tasks and make the computations appear to be local. This also allows for substituting different implementations of that functionality, including using other inter-system interfaces such as Java, Perl, CORBA, etc.
Homepage: http://www.omegahat.net/RSPython/
Dependencies: R; Python
Related Software: rpy2; WebArrayDB; WebArray; RPy; Bioconductor; NumPy; Python; R; PypeR
Cited in: 0 Publications