swMATH ID: 25166
Software Authors: The Mono Project
Description: The GAPI tools are distributed with Gtk#. The tools make it easy create and maintain managed bindings to native libraries which utilize glib and GObject. Some examples of libraries currently bound using the GAPI tools include Gtk, Atk, Pango, Gdk, libgnome, libgnomeui,libgnomecanvas, and GtkGLArea. There are 3 primary tools provided by GAPI: gapi2-parser - The parser is a C source and header parser that produces an XML document describing the API. gapi2-fixup - The fixup tool is an alteration engine to manipulate XML API files via a set of transformation rules. gapi2-codegen - The generator takes an XML API file as input and produces C# source files to implement the specified API.
Homepage: http://www.mono-project.com/docs/gui/gtksharp/gapi/
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