swMATH ID: 25188
Software Authors: The Cochrane Collaboration
Description: Review Manager (RevMan) 5 is the software used for preparing and maintaining Cochrane Reviews, and is a mandatory authoring tool for Cochrane Reviews. RevMan 5 is used to prepare Cochrane Reviews of interventions, methodology, diagnostic test accuracy, and overviews of reviews. RevMan 5 is developed through a continuous process of consultation with its users and Cochrane methodologists, to support standards and guidelines for Cochrane Reviews, and provides analytic methods, access to ’online’ help, and validation mechanisms. RevMan 5 is free to use for authors preparing a Cochrane Review or for purely academic use. Commercial companies may use the software if they purchase a licence. To know about the prices, to purchase a licence or to order multiple licences, or to access the End-User Agreement, please refer to Licensing and permission to use RevMan.
Homepage: https://community.cochrane.org/editorial-and-publishing-policy-resource/information-technology/review-manager-revman
Related Software: MetaEasy; R; meta; SAS; metan; metafor; Stata; SPSS; MIX; metaeff; metaan; XL2GIF; MakeGIF; WinBUGS; Excel; mima; Metawin; CMA; Formula; SAS/STAT
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