swMATH ID: 25199
Software Authors: Qiu WR, Sun BQ, Xiao X, Xu ZC, Jia JH, Chou KC
Description: iKcr-PseEns: Identify lysine crotonylation sites in histone proteins with pseudo components and ensemble classifier. Lysine crotonylation (Kcr) is an evolution-conserved histone posttranslational modification (PTM), occurring in both human somatic and mouse male germ cell genomes. It is important for male germ cell differentiation. Information of Kcr sites in proteins is very useful for both basic research and drug development. But it is time-consuming and expensive to determine them by experiments alone. Here, we report a novel predictor called iKcr-PseEns that is established by incorporating five tiers of amino acid pairwise couplings into the general pseudo amino acid composition. It has been observed via rigorous cross-validations that the new predictor’s sensitivity (Sn), specificity (Sp), accuracy (Acc), and stability (MCC) are 90.53
Homepage: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/29107015
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Cited in: 19 Publications

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