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Software Authors: Quaresma, Pedro; Santos, Vanda; Bouallegue, Seifeddine
Description: The web geometry laboratory project. The web geometry laboratory (WGL) project’s goal is to build an adaptive and collaborative blended-learning Web-environment for geometry.par In its current version (1.0) the WGL is already a collaborative blended-learning web-environment integrating a dynamic geometry system (DGS) and having some adaptive features. All the base features needed to implement the adaptive module and to allow the integration of a geometry automated theorem prover (GATP) are also already implemented.par The actual testing of the WGL platform by high-school teachers is underway and a field-test with high-school students is being prepared.par The adaptive module and the GATP integration will be the next steps of this project.
Homepage: https://link.springer.com/chapter/10.1007%2F978-3-642-39320-4_30
Keywords: adaptive; collaborative; blended-learning; geometry
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The web geometry laboratory project. Zbl 1390.97006
Quaresma, Pedro; Santos, Vanda; Bouallegue, Seifeddine

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