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Software Authors: Clark, David F.; Kandel, Abraham
Description: HALO — a fuzzy programming language. This paper deals with a fuzzy programming language, used in implementation of fuzzy intelligent systems. Borrowing from both high- and low-order languages, HALO (High And Low Order) integrates the symbolic programming and order-independent structure of expert systems with the conrol structures and procedural abstraction of Pascal. The HALO language is based on possibility theory and consequently, is well-suited to expert system development. HALO, probably best described as a ’fuzzy Pascal’, is simple to learn and use yet is powerful enough for complex artificial intelligence applications requiring structure, modularity, process control, and uncertainty management.
Homepage: http://dl.acm.org/citation.cfm?id=127573.127576
Keywords: fuzzy programming; fuzzy intelligent systems; possibility theory
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HALO — a fuzzy programming language. Zbl 0735.68077
Clark, David F.; Kandel, Abraham

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