swMATH ID: 25294
Software Authors: Udrişte, C.; Balan, V.; Udrişte, A.
Description: Magnetic fields generated by piecewise rectilinear configurations. The paper under review presents some results concerning geometric properties and dynamics along magnetic field lines generated by piecewise linear current conducting wires. In the first part of the paper the authors deduce the magnetic–type vector fields, using the Bio-Savart-Laplace formula, associated to piecewise linear electric circuits. They study configurations that satisfy some conditions imposed by physical and practical constraints. Under such conditions, invariance to rigid motions of the involved magnetic vector fields it is proved. For particular angular configurations the vector and scalar potential of the magnetic vector fields are derived. It is also determined the magnetic field associated to skew polygonal nets and polyhedral circuits satisfying the initially imposed conditions. Finally, using their own software package SURFIELD, the authors illustrate some magnetic surfaces associated to piecewise rectilinear configurations.
Homepage: http://www.mathem.pub.ro/apps/v01/A01-2-Udr.pdf
Keywords: magnetic vector field; vector potential; scalar potential; polyhedral configuration
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