swMATH ID: 25319
Software Authors: Hanson BA
Description: mcmequate: Equating Software for the Multiple-Choice Model. This software performs item response theory (IRT) equating using the characteristic curve method for the multiple-choice and the nominal response models as described in Kim and Hanson (2000). Specifically, the software computes a linear transformation to convert parameter estimates on one scale (denoted the current scale) to another scale (denoted the target scale). This software was written for the purpose of illustrating the procedures described in Kim and Hanson (2000). There are some significant limitations of the software (all items must have the same number of response categories), and the software has not been throughly tested. This software is distributed under a BSD license. Executable versions of two programs for Windows 95/NT are available that compute a scale transformation for the multiple-choice and nominal response models, respectively. Use of these programs is discussed in the next section, as well as a link to download the programs. Following that, the source code for the programs discussed and a link to download the source code is given.
Homepage: http://www.b-a-h.com/software/mcmequate/index.html
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