swMATH ID: 25321
Software Authors: Kim S, Kolen MJ
Description: IRT Scale Transformation Programs: The computer programs listed below can be used to conduct various IRT scale transformations. Windows PC console and graphical user interface (GUI) versions and Macintosh OS9 console and OS10 GUI versions are available for at least some of the programs. POLYST for PC Console, POLYST for MAC OS9. Conducts IRT scale transformations for dichotomously and polytomously scored tests.
Homepage: https://education.uiowa.edu/centers/center-advanced-studies-measurement-and-assessment/computer-programs
Related Software: POLYEQUATE; ST; R; BMIRT ToolKit; MULTILOG; ltm; PARSCALE; mcmequate; IRTEQ; EQUATE; BILOG; TESTFACT; lattice; irtoys; eRm; STUIRT; WinGen; MiscPsycho; plink; POLYCSEM
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