swMATH ID: 2533
Software Authors: Matsumoto, Masami; Kawata, Shigeo
Description: TRIPIC: Triangular-mesh particle-in-cell code. A particle-in-cell code is developed making use of triangular space meshes. It is applied to study a self-consistent interaction between charged particles and a magnetostatic field. In the TRIPIC code the relativistic equation of motion is solved and the interaction between particles and space meshes is accomplished by a simple method. A subroutine of a magnetostatic field solver is based on a method developed by Winslow. An example of the charged-particle motion is presented for a barrel type of the light-ion beam diode.
Homepage: http://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/002199919090262Y
Keywords: particle-in-cell code; interaction between charged particles and a magnetostatic field; relativistic equation of motion; light-ion beam diode
Related Software: SALE-3D
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TRIPIC: Triangular-mesh particle-in-cell code. Zbl 0709.65102
Matsumoto, Masami; Kawata, Shigeo

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