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Software Authors: Liu, Fulai; Wang, Jinkuan; Yu, Ge
Description: OTST-ESPRIT algorithm and its performance An OTST-ESPRIT algorithm is proposed after discussing the joint estimation algorithm of direction of arrival (DOA) and delay for multipath signals in wireless network communication environment. delay and DOA are estimated by the OT-ESPRIT algorithm and OS-ESPRIT algorithm in the proposed algorithm, respectively. Only the one-step eigenvalue decomposition (EVD) is needed to estimate delay or DOA, making use of the OT-ESPRIT or OS-ESPRIT algorithm. Multiple EVDs are thus avoided efficiently to lower the complexity of TST-ESPRIT algorithm. Gramer-rao bound of the joint estimation of DOA and delay is then given for the multipath signal model.
Homepage: http://en.cnki.com.cn/Article_en/CJFDTOTAL-DBDX200507006.htm
Keywords: ESPRIT; OT-ESPRIT; OS-ESPRIT; direction of arrival(DOA); delay; joint estimation
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OTST-ESPRIT algorithm and its performance. Zbl 1088.94514
Liu, Fulai; Wang, Jinkuan; Yu, Ge

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