swMATH ID: 2544
Software Authors: Na, Yun Ji; Leem, Choon Seong; Ko, Il Seok
Description: ACASH: an adaptive web caching method based on the heterogeneity of web object and reference characteristics. The use of cache to store and process web objects has increased, and studies on effective web caching have been actively conducted. A processing unit of web caching contains web objects, and changes in the heterogeneity of these web objects and their reference characteristics become a major factor of decreased performance in the existing method. This study proposes ACASH, a new web caching method. ACASH manages a cache scope by dividing it based on the heterogeneity of web objects. Also, it adaptively reflects changes in the reference characteristics of the object according to the time elapsed. In addition, it is shown in an experimental model, which captures the heterogeneity of the object that the proposed method performs better than the existing method.
Homepage: http://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0020025505002112
Keywords: Web object; Web caching; Size heterogeneity
Related Software: Valgrind
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